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Medi-C Plus

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The Medi-C Plus range of high-quality supplements provides daily support for cardiovascular health. The flagship vitamin C formula is available with either calcium or magnesium, both of which act as buffers for vitamin C to be more slowly absorbed for longer-lasting benefits and fewer gastrointestinal upsets. With the addition of essential amino acid L-lysine, Medi-C Plus helps support a healthy cardiovascular system, a better immune function, and collagen synthesis. Available in vegetarian capsules or powdered form in berry, citrus, or unflavoured, Medi-C Plus is non-GMO and ISURA® certified, suitable for vegetarians and vegans, and contains no artificial preservatives, colours, or sweeteners.


Medi-C Plus

Medi-C Plus

Vitamin C & Lysine Formula
        • Supports cardiovascular health and immune function
        • Helps support collagen formation
        • Helps reduce the recurrence of cold sores
        • Helps maintain bones, teeth, and gums
        • Provides a key antioxidant
        • Buffered with calcium or magnesium to reduce gastrointestinal upset
Vitamin K2+A+D3

Vitamin K2+A+D3

      • Maintains eyesight, including night vision
      • Helps build strong bones and teeth

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