ULT VEGAN Wild Greens

For the past few months I have been juicing every morning before I go to work.  It may seem weird to start your day with a green drink but for me it’s just the thing I need to jump start my day.  After a while I started to wonder if I should buy a juicer ...

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So what is all this talk about raw food and raw food diets these days? Is it just the next flash in the pan fad or does it really have staying power? Is it all what it is cracked up to be and is it really worth changing your lifestyle? Let’s face it, we are ...

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I often wonder what is really happening to us.  Why are we as a country getting bigger?  Can we blame it solely on fast foods and processed diets?  How about video games and lack of exercise – sure.  But what is really behind this epidemic?  Are we lazy or are we just stressed out? According to ...

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I started juicing primarily because I saw it as a way to get in more nutrients. Let’s face it, how many of us eat enough fruits and veggies everyday? I decided to concentrate my juicing on veggies as I seem to find it easier to eat fruit throughout the day but my greens were lacking.

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Sea salt contains larger crystals so therefore it is believed that people use less to get the same desired taste. Sea salt is also unrefined whereas regular table salt has all the other minerals stripped away resulting in almost pure sodium chloride. Sea salt therefore contains less sodium overall in addition to containing magnesium, calcium, potassium, bromide etc that is not found in regular table salt.

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The Power of Maca

Maca is a cruciferous vegetable that grows in high altitudes in Peru. Often compared to a turnip or radish, Maca is a small root vegetable that packs a whole lot of punch. Containing an impressive nutrient content of amino acids, minerals, sterols, 20 fatty acids as well as vitamins A, B1, B2, B3 B12, C, D and E and much more, Maca just might be THE most powerful superfood on the planet!

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Ever wonder if the phrase “An apple a day, keeps the Doctor away” is actually based on truth? We pack these puppies in our kids’ lunches just like our parents did but do we ever stop and ponder “What’s in an apple?”

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Since I am always switching up my fitness routine, mostly because I like to keep things interesting, I decided that it had been a while since I used my Rebounder. So after making the pact to myself that I will do at least 10 minutes a day, I dragged it out of hiding and got jumping.

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What he doesn’t realize is that yes I bought him a coffee and maybe I give him lifts across town every now and then, but he has given me something far more important. He has made me realize that it doesn’t matter what your situation is, there is always something to smile and be thankful for. If hope had a face, it would be Bob’s.

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In order to maintain adequate D levels you need to have at least 10-15 minutes of sun exposure, twice per week on your face, arms, hands or back. Doesn’t seem like a lot however sunscreen hinders Vit D production. Also if you are dark skinned, it is said that you need 20-30 times more exposure than those with fairer skin.

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