Hormonal Balance – The Key to Life, Love and Energy

Venus on Fire Mars on Ice

Did you know that Preferred Nutrition works with some of the world’s top health experts? It’s true! PN is proud to work with Dr. John Gray, the best-selling relationship author of all time. John Gray is an inspiring writer and speaker, and formulator of the Balanced Planets line of products that Preferred Nutrition distributes to health food stores across Canada.

John Gray is the author of 16 books, including the relationship classic Men Are From Mars, Women Are from Venus which USA Today called “the number one best-selling book of the last decade” as well as “one of the top-ten most influential books of the last 25 years”. In the past 17 years, over 50 million Mars Venus books have been sold in over 45 languages throughout the world.

In this post, we present his latest book, Venus on Fire Mars on Ice. Remember to tune in and watch John Gray on Dr. Oz Wednesday, April 6th to talk about his newest book, Venus on Fire, Mars on Ice. Join us to watch these two medical masters discuss the connections between nutrition, hormones and relationships. Check your local listings for The Dr. Oz Show.

Science has proven what we have always instinctively known: that the mind and body are inseparably linked. Now in his new book Venus on Fire, Mars on Ice, John Gray explains how our minds and moods are affected by our hormones, and how hormonal balance is key to successful relationships and joyful living.

John has helped millions of couples with their relationships by unraveling their complicated feelings, and now addresses the way hormonal differences between the sexes affects the way they interpret and respond to one another and the world around them.

John provides simple tips and the practical knowledge you need to ensure a steady supply of feel-good hormones for you and your partner. He reveals why women need a good supply of oxytocin and men, testosterone. He explains the impact of stress on hormonal balance, and how the stress of our modern lives is having far reaching effects on our relationships and our health. Venus on Fire Mars on Ice provides groundbreaking insight into:

•    The unique ways that each gender deals with stress.
•    How the stress hormones harm our health and complicate our ability to relate to one another.
•    The important role of “superfoods” and good nutrition in replenishing hormones.
•    Why menopause – and “man-o-pause – don’t have to be the relationship stressors they currently are.
•    How balancing our blood sugar is intricately connected to balancing our hormones.
•    How achieving hormonal balance will not only improve our relationships but give us the strength and energy to cope with the challenges of our modern lifestyles.

In Venus on Fire Mars on Ice, John Gray shares essential elements of wellness, happiness and lasting passion, revealing the keys to natural health and restoring vitality. Pick up a copy in your local health food store or Chapters/Indigo today!

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