Smoothie in a Chew – great snack for lunches and healthy too!

I recently found a healthy snack that my son Gabe will eat without complaining or turning his nose up. While my oldest son will eat almost anything these days (at 13, he’s eating me out of house and home!) our middle son Gabe is a fussy Snacketarian which means I am constantly trying to find healthy snacks to have on hand for lunches and after school munching.

I was delighted when I brought home a box of  U-Be Chewz and Gabe loved them!  Two tiny squares in a box, they remind me of starburst or fruitella only they are healthy!       

 These little delights are jammed packed with fruit, 2 grams of protein and are naturally sweetened with fruit juice and honey.  They are also peanut and gluten free which means you can pack them in your child’s lunch box!  These are also the type of thing you can throw in your purse for long commutes or emergency food when you are busy running the kids around. My 3 year old daughter loves them too and since they are soft and easy to chew they are safe for her to eat.

U-Be ProteinBerry Chewz

You can find these chewz at your local health food store.  If my family loves them, yours will too!


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One Response to Smoothie in a Chew – great snack for lunches and healthy too!

  1. Janet says:

    I love these chews and my (nearly) two year old son is a great fan too. I have no hesitation about sharing this snack with him as I do with so many other packaged foods!

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