Let's talk about PMS……

Are you cranky, bloated, tired and achy just before your period is due?  Do you find yourself snapping at your spouse and kids one minute and then bursting into tears when you see a commercial for the Humane Society the next?

Many of us suffer with these symptoms each month never questioning them or thinking that there is an alternative……There are many supplements that can help and I’m not talking about Midol!

Heidi’s PMS Must Haves:

  • Yoga – yes ladies you must move.  Yoga helps the body and mind relax.  Perfect for stretching out those back and leg muscles that are affected at “that time of the month”.  Avoid inverted poses obviously around heavy flow days.  Rodney Yee has a great rejuvenating yoga routine that is perfect for this.
  • Magsense – helps with the cramping and headaches often associated with PMS
  • Estrosense – a natural supplement that helps balance hormones which after all is the cause of PMS.  This formula also helps with those ‘special occasion’ zits you get just before your ‘friend’ comes to town.  More about this gem in a future blog.  Stay tuned.
  • Chamomile Tea – relaxation in a cup.  Nothing soothes the soul better than a hot bath and a cup of tea. 
  •  Fish oil – helps with mood as well as many other things
  • Water Water Water!  -  Drink as much water as you can and avoid salt to decrease bloating
  •  Kale Chips – There are two PMS craving camps – Chocolates (sweets) vs. Chippies (saltys).  I am in the chip camp.  Instead of chowing down on a huge bag of Salt & Vinegar chips (like I used to in College), a healthier but equally delicious alternative for me is Kale chips.  Loaded with many vitamins and nutrients such as Iron, B6 and I3C, you can’t go wrong with these babies. No guilt necessary. For those of you in the sweet camp, reach for fruit before that chocolate bar to satisfy your sugar cravings.

 As women we have been programmed to accept that every month we will suffer and in some cases do the Jekyll and Hyde dance with those around us.  But really PMS is not normal and is a sign of hormonal imbalance.  Along with watching what we eat and choosing quality supplements we can have effortless periods and our loved ones will thank (not shoot) us!


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