Halloween Haunts – even after it’s over!


This morning after my shower I found myself looking for my 3 year old daughter who had disappeared somewhere in the house.  As I walked through the living room downstairs I found her crouched behind our loveseat in the corner of the room.  I asked her what she was doing and when she replied with an unconvincing “Nothing” I went in closer to see for myself. Knowing she was hiding something I asked her again hoping my little angel would come clean and tell the truth.  Instead she curled in tighter and buried her face with her hair and this time told me she was “looking at something”.  As I walked upstairs (knowing she would follow me) I racked my brain trying to think of what on earth she could be up to (already) and then I saw it.  The pillowcase full of candy sitting on the counter.  After she came upstairs and started to get dressed I went back downstairs to investigate.  Low and behold I found the “something” my daughter was “looking” at.  A foil wrapped chocolate. I also saw that along with looking at it, she was also unwrapping it and little bits of foil were scattered on the carpet as she tried to conceal her treasure. If only Mummy had taken a few more minutes in the shower……

After the standard lecture on telling the truth I got to thinking about all the Halloween candy that was now in my house and what I was going to do with all of it. Between the three of my kids, we have 4 bags full of junk.  While my boys don’t really bother with it much after Halloween night, my daughter on the other hand is under the sugar spell and wakes up wanting to eat it for breakfast. She reminds me of the sweet and cuddly Gizmo that turns into wild and crazy gremlin when she eats sweets – Scary and no fun to be around

 So today I have my husband sorting out candy when Bevann naps.  Bags of chips are going in a bowl to use up here and there in lunches and family time snacks.  Chocolate is being put away for occasional treats and some of it frozen for holiday time fondues. I am sure some of it will get hidden in the garage in tool boxes for Daddy – and I wonder where my daughter gets it from!!  Everything else will be taken to the Fire Hall the next time my hubby goes to work!  Now if only it was that simple – I am sure Bevann will have some issues with this new plan. Maybe I’ll work late and go home at bedtime

 This got me thinking about alternative treat giving for next year:

  •  Juice boxes
  • Mini play dough – you can get these at the Dollar Store or make your own and put it into baggies with a label attached to it
  • Halloween pencils and erasures
  • Colouring books / Crayons
  • Popcorn or Chips – still a treat but better than treats high in sugar and artificial ingredients
  • Fruit to Go – dried fruit snacks

I am sure that Halloween is to blame for the November sniffles that many kids end up getting.  It isn’t the cold weather; it’s all the sugar that they aren’t used to that is beating up their immune system. The runny nose is the body’s SOS signal!!

Don’t get the wrong idea here, I love Halloween and dressing up too.  I just don’t know what to do with all this CANDY!!!!


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