New Year, New You

With the holidays fast approaching we are also faced with the dawn of a new year. It is at this time of year that many of us find ourselves setting new goals and resolutions for the year ahead.

Some of us in the office have decided that 2012 will be our best year yet.  Knowing that we all have the tendency to get on the New Year’s bandwagon just to find ourselves falling off by Valentine’s Day, we decided to get together and help each other succeed. After an hour of putting our individual goals on the table and confessing our weaknesses, fears and personal struggles we all realized that this year we might just pull it off.  Why, because we have each other. So after naming our group the “Beautiful Strong Happy Ladies” and coming up with a plan to meet once a week, it got me thinking…..What makes goals stick?

 Goal Setting Tips:

Describe your goal(s) in as much details as possible – “I want to lose weight” isn’t enough.

“I want to lose 15 lbs and fit into my old bikini by March break” is more detailed and more likely to create more motivation and engagement.

Determine the “why” of your goal – The more you ponder your goal and focus on it the more driven you will be towards achieving it.

“I want to exercise more so that I have more energy and so that my clothes fit better. 

Devise a plan of action – Make it realistic and as detailed as possible.

  • Drink more water – 8 glasses per day
  • Go to the gym and workout at least 3 times per week
  • Walk every day at lunch
  • Eat breakfast everyday

Post your goal and review it regularly – This will help keep it top of mind and will help keep you on track and motivated.

  • Post it in your bathroom, near your desk at work or on the fridge.

Track your progress and celebrate your efforts – It is important to acknowledge the steps you have made towards your goal.  If working out regularly is one of your goals for example, treat yourself to a manicure after you’ve worked out regularly for a month or when a certain pair of jeans fit you more comfortably.

Visualize and Dream – think about what you have to gain by achieving your goal.  What will your life be like?  How will you feel?  The more you do this the more likely it will become a reality.  Perhaps you visualize yourself in your old bikini sitting on a beach.  Maybe you’re running in a race and passing people as you effortlessly float to the finish line.  You get the idea.

Be Persistent – Progress may come quickly or more slowly.  Sometimes setbacks happen but with patience and perseverance anything is possible. The journey is just as important as the end result after all. 

Share your goals with others – people close to you can help keep you on track and may give you ideas you had never thought of. 

Whatever your goals may be for 2012, one thing is for certain. You can do it!  Set your mind on it and go for it.  Don’t forget to buddy up!


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