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Today, men and women live very high pace lives, with many deadlines, and many overlapping roles.  This type of hectic lifestyle is often a  factor in the sensitive issue of infertility. When there’s chronic exposure to stress, hormonal imbalances can result. When a couple is trying to conceive, these imbalances make this goal or creating a new life more challenging than expected. Both men and women can have unbalanced hormonal systems, with men suffering low testosterone levels and low sperm production while women can have progesterone deficiency leading to menstrual irregularities that make it difficult to determine when she is ovulating.

When hormonal imbalance and fertility becomes an issue, it’s important to provide the essential nutrients to the stressed endocrine system because stress eats up these important nutrients.  The introduction of Peruvian Maca can really help with increasing hormone production in men and women, even if they are past the optimal age for conceiving. For men, the nutrients in Maca support increased testosterone, better sperm motility, and increased sperm production. For women, use of the birth control pill is the most common method of covering up hormonal imbalances with an overiding steady supply of synthetic hormones. But the pill does not provide women with the nutrients their reproductive system is lacking for a healthy pregnancy and actually depletes the body of certain vitamins. Maca, on the other hand, goes to the root of the problem and balances hormones and nourishes the body so that it is ready to receive a child.

Dr. Chacon, Maca expert, stated in Nature & Health Magazine that “it is important to remember that Maca does not contain any hormones but its action in the body jogs the pituitary gland into producing the precursor hormones, which ultimately end up raising estrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels, as well as helping to balance the adrenal glands, the thyroid and the pancreas.” These adaptogenic effects result in greater energy, immunity and, ultimately, the couple who consumes Maca regularly will notice an increase in sexual desire that also increases their chances of conceiving. Maca is a natural way to increase fertility without side effects. It is 100% safe, natural and effective. Keep this in mind if you are looking for a natural assistance with infertility.  However, if you are also looking for a product to prevent pregnancy, remember that Maca will not prevent pregnancy, as it was designed to do just the opposite.

References:  The Power of Maca: Peruvian Superfood by Lorrie Ingram. Pages 35-40.

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