Oh no, not another famine!

Most of us forget that it takes months and years to gain unwanted pounds, yet we want the extra weight gone yesterday! We reduce our calories to the point of actually slowing our metabolism, we get rid of all the fat (forgetting that the brain is 60 percent fat) and raise our fat-converting carbohydrates through the roof or we get rid of the carbs altogether. When we take the “all or nothing approach” to dieting, we offset the intricate biochemical balance of the body and invariably create cravings that cannot be ignored.

As it pertains to how fast your present metabolism is, the size of your appetite may mean a lot more than the size of your meals! In other words, your body’s ability to store extra fat may be directly linked to the degree to which you desire and crave foods rather than solely the degree to which you consume them. Why? Insatiable cravings send false starvation signals to your body, switching it into an extreme fat-storing mode. In this state, your body slows its metabolic rate and stops “burning” excess calories, opting to stockpile them for a perceived famine.


Brad King

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