What You Don’t Know About Hip Fractures

Hip fractures are always bad news. 25 percent of patients die within a year, 50 percent end life in a wheel chair and only 25 percent return to normal activity. So try to prevent fractures by taking vitamin D3, about 3,000 milligrams (mg), calcium, 500 mg and vitamin K2, 100 micrograms daily. K2 directs calcium into bone, rather than arteries. And do moderate exercise to strengthen bones.

Now, a report from Baltimore has interesting news. Researchers say that low levels of vitamin E are often associated with a decline in physical function in older adults. They also discovered that patients who suffered a hip fracture who had low levels of E  were unable to walk as far, had poorer gait and were unable to do as well in a number of other physical function tests as patients with normal blood levels of vitamin E.

Researchers were not sure why this happened. Possibly they were not aware that rats on vitamin E can run longer on a treadmill than rats who do not recieve vitamin E. This is because vitamin E increases the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood. All the more reason to consider taking 200 IU of natural vitamin E daily.


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