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Restful Night Essentials
Restful Night Essentials

Julian Whitaker, M.D.


NPN 80021670

Works quickly, naturally and is completely non-habit forming

What to expect from this product:

  • Sleep Support for Occasional Sleeplessness
  • Promote Relaxation

Scientists are now discovering that without a good sleep night after night, your body actually ages faster. That’s because sleeping is the only chance to fully restore, regenerate and repair the wear and tear that occurs each day. Unfortunately, at least half of us over age 50 experience occasional sleeplessness. This means difficulty falling asleep, waking frequently during the night, or waking too early in the morning.

Restful Night Essentials contains melatonin, which I started recommending over a decade ago. Melatonin is a hormone released by your pituitary gland at night that helps dictate your sleep patterns. Starting at 40, your levels of melatonin can naturally decline or the pattern of its release in your body can change. I’ve found that supplementing with 1mg a night is the optimal amount to regulate sleep patterns. This is the amount in Restful Night Essentials.

While melatonin helps sleep patterns through the night, L-theanine helps you fall asleep faster because it calms your mind.

Whether your thoughts are in overdrive from stress, anxiety, or even excitement, if your mind can’t relax, neither can your body (no matter how exhausted you feel). When you take the amino acid L-theanine, it is believed to promote a relaxing effect on the mind. And when you calm your mind, you’ll fi nd that sleep comes much quicker and far more easily.

The powerful combination of Valerian, Hops and Lemon Balm extracts help to improve sleep latency and quality. It also helps to ease stress and promotes a calming, mood-enhancing effect.

Good sleep is possibly the best natural medicine in existence.

~ Julian Whitaker, M.D.


Each 2 capsules contain:
  • Valerian Extract (Valeriana offi cinalis)
    (O.8% valerenic acid) (root)... 500 mg
  • Lemon Balm Extract (Melissa officinalis)
    (5% rosmarinic acid) (leaf )... 300 mg
  • Suntheanine® L-Theanine... 200 mg
  • Hops Extract (Humulus lupulus)
  • (1% essential oil) (flower)... 120 mg
  • Melatonin... 1mg

Suntheanine® is a registered trademark of NutriScience
Innovations, LLC.

Encapsulated in a capsule (microcrystalline cellulose, gelatin, silicon dioxide) with vegetable grade magnesium stearate (lubricant).

Other ingredients: gelatin, microcrystalline cellulose, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate.

This product does not contain artificial preservatives, colour or sweeteners, corn, dairy, starch, wheat or yeast.

Note: Pregnant or lactating women should consult a health care professional before taking this product. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while using this product.

Restful Night Essentials is a trademark of NutriScience Innovations, LLC.

Take 2 capsules 30-60 minutes before bed, preferably on an empty stomach or as directed by a physician.

Keep out of reach of children.

Is Restful Night Essentials gluten free?

Yes, we do have confirmation on file that there is no gluten added and no gluten present in Restful Night Essentials.  However, our manufacturing facility is NOT a gluten free facility, and as we do process products that contain gluten we are unable to confirm 100% that there is no possibility of cross contamination.

Is Restful Nights Essentials GMO free?

Yes, we have received confirmation that Restful Night Essentials is free of any genetically modified organisms.

Why are some of Dr. Whitaker's formulas in the USA so different from what we can purchase here in Canada?

Canadian and USA regulations differ.  Some ingredients are allowed in the US that are not allowed in Canada.  Please be assured that the alternatives used in the Canadian formulas provide the same health benefits and are of the utmost quality.

Do all of your products have an NPN?

Yes, all of our products have been issued a Natural Product Number (NPN) by Health Canada – these numbers do appear on our labels.  Further Natural Health Product criteria and information can be found on the Health Canada website  Under the Food and Drugs Act items that are considered a food – for example, our protein powders and herbal teas – do not require an NPN. 

Are your capsules GMO free?

Yes, our vegetarian capsule shells, our gelatin capsule shells and our softgel shells are all non-GMO.

Are your products GMO free?

Confirmation for many products has been listed separately as to whether or not GMOs are present in the formula or if any ingredients have come from a genetically modified source.  If nothing is indicated on the FAQs then we are still in the process of having testing done and the product information will be updated once complete.  This information will be updated on our website, as well as on our product information sheets and on our labels.  This will be done as quickly as possible and on a product-by-product basis.

Why have your cautions and your recommended/suggested usages changed so dramatically on many of your labels?

The changes you are noticing to our suggested usage and cautionary statements have been at the directive of Health Canada.  There have been many regulatory changes with regards to Natural Health Products causing companies to change their labels accordingly.  We update our website, product information sheets and labels on the actual products to reflect these regulations as quickly as we possibly can.  Health Canada and the industry representing natural health products act according to the interest of consumers and their safety.  As a result, if there is any concern with an existing condition, a caution is added to advise the consumer to seek out feedback from their Health Care professional.  

Will this product help me lose weight?

There is no such thing as a "magic" pill or product - the only way to succeed (and maintain) true weight loss is by adopting a healthy lifestyle combining adequate exercise and proper nutrition. If you are concerned about poor eating habits or cravings, then we recommend you seek advice from a Nutritionist or Naturopath to obtain some guidance on healthy eating, as well as to investigate possible underlying (or undiagnosed) hormonal imbalances, which can make it harder to lose weight.  You might also want to consider speaking with a personal trainer to help you discover a fun fitness program that you enjoy - because, no matter what, in order to achieve and maintain any type of weight loss, exercise is required.  Our vitamins and supplements are designed to help you in your quest to a daily, healthy lifestyle, however it also requires effort on your part.

Where do you source your products from?  

Please be advised that all of our ingredients, including flavourings, are derived from natural ingredients and are ISURA tested & certified (in order to ensure the absence of GMOs, contaminants, heavy metals and adulteration).  All of our products are manufactured at a GMP facility certified by Health Canada.  All raw materials come in and are tested for purity, safety and potency.  If they do not meet our standards they are rejected and sent back or destroyed.  We use the highest quality ingredients available, and choose organic whenever we can.  Many of our products contain proprietary patented ingredients that have been clinically researched to help deliver optimal results and outstanding quality.

Are your products gluten free?

Confirmation for many products has been listed separately as to whether or not gluten is added and/or present in the formula.  If nothing is indicated on the FAQs then we are in the process of having gluten testing done and the product information will be updated once complete.  Please be advised however that our manufacturing facility is NOT a gluten free facility.

Are your products peanut free?

Following compliance with food regulations, in order to make a negative claim such as "peanut free", it would be necessary to insure a zero tolerance of any peanut traces, including the possibility of cross contamination.  Although our manufacturing facility has a policy in place for allergen control, there is no specific policy for peanuts, nor is there a specific "no peanut agreement" with our raw material suppliers.

Can your products be used after the expiry date has passed?

Supplements generally keep their potency long after the expiry date.  There is certainly no safety issues with consuming after the expiry date has passed however the potency degrades over longer periods of time.

If a product does not specify "vegetarian capsule", then what is it made from?

These capsules are gelatin capsules sourced from either pork or beef.

Are any of your products "vegan-friendly"?

Yes, AdrenaSense, EstroSense, MenoSense, BioSil, Medi-C Plus, Magnesium and MagSense (from our WomenSense and Preferred Nutrition product lines), the Healing Teas, our Ultimate Maca Energy products and the Ultimate VEGAN line are all vegan friendly.

Why can't I find any prices on your website?

Preferred Nutrition is the wholesale distribution company for the products on this website. However we sell exclusively to Health Food stores & selected Natural Pharmacies across Canada, not directly to the general public.  Because the prices of our products can vary from store-to-store, we are unable to list our suggested prices on our website.  We recommend you contact your local retailer and inquire about prices directly with them.

Can I purchase products directly from you?  I went to a health food store and the prices seem very expensive.

We distribute our products in Canada only and we sell directly to Health Food stores - since they have a personal commitment to the natural health lifestyle.  Consumers are then able to buy our products from knowledgeable staff that are genuinely interested in helping people be well - people who care!  Always be sure to look for in store promotions or coupons when you are making your purchases as this can help alleviate your cost concerns.

Do all health food stores carry all of your products?

To find Health Food stores in your area that carry our products, please click on "Store Locator" at the top of this screen.  All you have to do is enter your postal code and you will be given a list of retailers in the radius that you choose. We do recommend calling ahead to see if they stock the item you are looking for and in most cases if a store does not normally carry something, they will offer to do a special order for you.

Are any of your products tested on animals?

No, there is no animal testing on any of our products.

Should your supplements be taken with or without food?

Most of our products will specify directly on the bottle whether they should be taken with a meal or not.  If nothing is stated, then the choice is yours as to when the best time is for you to take them.  In general, however, most vitamin supplements should be taken with food because once eating starts the digestive process, enzymes and gastric juices are generated and usually the nutrients will be absorbed and assimilated better.

I like the sound of many of your products.  Am I able to take different formulas at the same time?

Yes, it's safe to combine various WomenSense products to help support the body in achieving optimal health.  The same applies to the Preferred Nutrition line, Dr. Whitaker's formulas and Brad King's.  If you are unsure of any combination, then please consult your Health Care Practitioner.

I have heard that drinking green tea along with my supplements will end up flushing out all the nutrients?  Is this true?

No, you are fine taking your supplements with green tea.  Coffee inhibits the absorption of nutrients, but the caffeine in green tea will not pose the same problem.

Can you tell me if I can combine any of your supplements with the medication(s) I am on, as prescribed by my doctor?

It is best to consult your Doctor or alternative Health Practitioner before taking any new supplements while on prescribed medication.  If you have been approved to add our supplement(s) to your daily regime, then we do recommend that you space the medication and the supplements out by at least one hour.

Can I take your products when I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

We are not able to make any recommendations with any of our products when it comes to pregnancy or while nursing.  You must contact your Health Practitioner, Naturopath or Pharmacist.

I understand that you put a recommended dosage on your labels, but I can take more or less than that, right?  And, really, do I have to take the product every day?

With regards to the recommended dosage, we would suggest you speak to your Doctor or Health Care Practitioner before increasing any amounts.  As with any supplement you can determine your amount based on your personal preference - if you find that a product works for you immediately then you should be fine to take it just on the days you feel you need it, but again we suggest you discuss this with you MD or HP.  Some consumers find that a product needs to be in their system for a few days to a few weeks before they notice results and/or feel the full benefits.  

I don't understand why when I purchase your product and open the bottle, the contents don't even fill 1/2 of the packaging that is being used?

The containers we use are determined based on product fill and required label information, as well as capsule count when/where applicable.  Sometimes we do have to use a larger bottle than seems necessary because of the information required on the labels - requirements both from Health Canada and in order for the label to be clear and legible to our consumers.  Also, in a case where we are offering larger volume (ie/ 400g versus 200g or 180 capsules versus 90 capsules), then we have to put the contents in a bigger container in order for there to be differentiation on the shelf.

I bought a bottle of your product, and although it seemed to feel lighter than usual, I didn't think much of it, until I opened the bottle and discovered that there is nowhere near the amount of capsules inside as there should have been.  How can this happen?

As part of our corporate policy and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) requirement, our procedures incorporate routine in-process checks plus a final examination of the finished product to ensure conformance to all aspects of quality, including correct product count.  There are a number of checks and balances performed by both Production and Quality Assurance personnel prior to, during, and after the packaging operations to ensure that product under-counts do not happen. Although product under-counts can happen, this occurrence is rare.  Should you discover that your bottle is far below the label claim count upon opening - we recommend you return it to your point of purchase as per our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

What is your 100% money-back (customer satisfaction) guarantee?

Our 100% money-back/customer satisfaction guarantee ensures that if a customer is not completely satisfied with their purchase, they can return the unused portion of the product (in its original packaging) back to their point of purchase and we will credit the Health Food store 100% of their purchase price from us.  We cannot dictate if a store will give cash back or an in-store credit, nor can we override store policies already in place ~ but we do promise to credit them, regardless of the reason for the return.


Double-blind, placebo-controlled research has shown valerian to significantly improve sleep in 89% of people, with 44% of them reporting perfect sleep (1). Double-blind research has confirmed that valerian works better than benzodiazepines, the most commonly used medications for insomnia. In one study, valerian and oxazepam were equally effective at improving sleep quality, with the valerian being superior because it was safer (2). In a second double-blind study, 82.2% of people with insomnia experienced very good results with valerian compared to only 73.4% of people given oxazepam (3). A review of controlled studies of insomniacs found that 9 out of 12 valerian studies found improvement in at least one sleep parameter, as did 3 out of 4 studies that combined valerian with hops. According to the authors, the few studies that did not find benefit had severe design flaws (4). About 50% of women experience sleep disturbances after menopause. A triple-blind study has shown that valerian can help. After four weeks, quality of sleep improved significantly more in 100 postmenopausal women when they were given valerian than when they were given a placebo. 30% of the valerian group had improved sleep versus only 4% of the placebo group (5).

Valerian with Hops and Lemon Balm

The combination of valerian and hops has been shown to help people fall asleep significantly faster, to wake up less often and to feel more refreshed in the morning (6). The combination of valerian and hops has been shown to help people with insomnia to fall asleep significantly faster than a placebo (7). This combination is not only effective, but as effective as benzodiazepines without producing the withdrawal symptoms of the drug (8). Other studies have also found benefit for this combination (9).

Double-blind studies confirm that another herb that combines effectively with valerian is lemon balm (10,11). The combination of valerian and lemon balm has been shown to be as effective as the drug Halcion without the daytime drowsiness and trouble concentrating that the drug caused (12). This combination has also been shown to be better than placebo for menopausal women with insomnia (13).

One study put all three of the herbs used in this formula together. Significantly more people taking the combination of valerian, hops and lemon balm benefited than people taking the placebo (14).

L-theanine is the primary amino acid in green tea. At the dose provided in this formula, L-theanine will not act directly as a sedative, but will relax you and improve the quality of sleep. It generates alpha-waves in the brain, which causes relaxation without causing drowsiness (15,16). L-theanine has also been shown to significantly improve sleep quality in children with ADHD (17).

A large body of evidence shows that melatonin helps people to both fall asleep and to have a better quality sleep. It works best in elderly insomniacs with low levels of melatonin. In any group, melatonin only helps when melatonin levels are low (18

One placebo-controlled study found that melatonin helps young adults who are not suffering from insomnia to fall asleep faster with no hangover effect (19). A double-blind study of healthy males found that melatonin made you fall asleep significantly faster and to sleep significantly longer (20).

Other research has found melatonin to improve sleep in the elderly (21). A double-blind study found that taking 2mg of melatonin two hours before bed for three weeks improved sleep quality and morning alertness significantly better than a placebo. The improvement in time to fall asleep was significant and equal to the most commonly used sleeping medications. Melatonin also significantly improved quality of life (22). In a review of six double-blind studies, 4 found that melatonin caused people to fall asleep significantly faster, and 3 others found improvement in other measures of sleep quality. The melatonin worked best in elderly insomniacs with low levels of melatonin (23). When people between the ages of 18 and 80 were given melatonin in a double-blind, placebo-controlled study, melatonin reduced the average time to fall asleep by 15.4 minutes compared to 5.5 minutes in the placebo group in people over 55. Other measures of sleep quality improved significantly in all ages (24).


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