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W.Gifford-Jones, MD

W.Gifford-Jones, MD

The W. Gifford-Jones, MD line of products are based on years of research in the medical field. Gifford-Jones’ concern over the pitfalls of pharmaceuticals led to the development  and endorsement of natural formulas that can effectively resolve health issues safely. W. Gifford-Jones, MD is a graduate of the University of Toronto and The Harvard Medical School. His weekly medical column is published by 70 Canadian newspapers and reaches six million readers.


Medi-C Plus

Medi-C Plus

Vitamin C & Lysine Formula
        • Helps support cardiovascular health
        • Helps collagen formation
        • Maintains healthy teeth and gums
        • Maintains healthy bones and cartilage
        • Helps connective tissue formation
        • Helps wound healing
        • Helps maintain good health
Vitamin K2+A+D3

Vitamin K2+A+D3

        • Maintains eyesight, skin, immune function, bones, teeth and night vision

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