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Since this is our very first blog entry on our spanking new website, we thought we’d start by introducing ourselves to those of you who may not have heard of us and to say hello! to those who do. Preferred Nutrition is a Canadian company dedicated to helping people reach their health potential. We are based in the beautiful town of Acton, Ontario where we have been in business for over 10 years. Our reputation for integrity and customer service is second to none in the health food industry.

We have created this website to support our customers and retailers with all the information they need to ensure a continued path to success and wellness. Preferred Nutrition has set its vision to create and distribute the highest quality unique health products. We have created our own well-researched line of supplements and nutritional solutions as well as the following lines we are proud to distribute:

WomenSense is a complete line of products to address conditions that women face throughout their lives.WomenSense products meet the highest standards of quality, using the best research with scientifically backed nutrients.

Balanced Planets by Dr. John Gray:
Creating balance involves the alignment of body, mind and spirit – and understanding that making positive changes in one will impact all the others. Balanced Planets understands the vital role nutrition plays in supporting the hormones necessary to create balance. Balanced Planets exceptional formulas are based on Dr. John Gray’s 3-step wellness program: Cleanse Your Body, Energize With Superfoods, Balance & Feel Good Again.

Ultimate by Brad King:
Brad King is one of Canada’s most sought after authorities on nutrition, obesity, longevity and men’s health. Brad is the author of 10 books including the international best seller, Fat Wars. Brad’s line or supplements and his lifestyle recommendations are designed to support and optimize metabolism at the cellular level, resulting in abundant Energy, Health and Longevity.

Wellness Solutions by Dr. Julian Whitaker:
Julian Whitaker ,M.D., has been a pioneer in the field of nutritional medicine for more than 25 years. He is the Director of the Whitaker Wellness Institute and has been a pioneer in natural and herbal discoveries,developing some of the most cutting-edge vitamin formulas available today.

Our products are available ONLY in fine health food stores across Canada to ensure there are informed staff who are as passionate about your health as we are! Remember, this website was designed to help you. We look forward to connecting!

To your great health,

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La mission de Preferred Nutrition est d'aider la personne à atteindre son plein potentiel en matière de santé. Nous avons créé ce site pour fournir à nos clients et à nos détaillants toutes les informations dont ils ont besoin pour continuer sur le chemin de la réussite et du bien-être.  

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