Beat the Back to School Bugs naturally!


Now that the kids are back to school parents are wondering when the first back to school bug will hit.  I find myself super tuned into my kids sneezing frequency and kleenex habits, wondering if a cold is on it’s way…..

Then it donned on me.  Why aren’t I giving the kids Immuno-Care?  I take it everyday to combat my asthma and to strengthen my immune system but it never occurred to me to give it to my kids – DUH!!

According to the formulators of Immuno-Care, “The immune system is exceedingly important and complex, and with the current bombardment of pesticides, herbicides and above all radiation, it needs all the help it can get. Immunocare supports the immune system with balancing nutrients from plant sterols (phytosterols), antioxidants and peptides that are the catalyst to make sure the other ingredients are absorbed by the body.”  


I can attest to this products effectiveness considering I rarely use my inhalers and continue to run and enjoy a really active lifestyle.  I almost never get sick and when I do feel under the weather it comes and goes quickly.

Immuno-Care is a natural and side effect free treatment for the following:

  • Seasonal Allergies – many illnesses including autoimmune and inflammatory diseases occur as a result of untreated allergies
  •  Colds & Flu  - how many of us have suffered from that cold or flu that lingered and never seemed to go away?
  •  Persistent Aches and Fatigue – symptoms which often go hand in hand with many autoimmune diseases
  •  High Cholesterol – Studies show that consuming phytosterols 15 minutes prior to a meal helps to block the absorption of cholesterol
  •  Enlarged Prostate – Urologists in Germany have been using phytosterols for the treatment of enlarged prostate for over 20 years

In a world where our immune system is constantly under attack, it would seem fitting for everyone to have this product among their daily protective arsenal. I highly recommend it!

You can purchase Immuno-Care at your local Health Food Store.


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