Pass the Sea Salt!

A few weekends ago we had family over for our daughter and son’s birthdays since they fall a week a part. Sometime during the dinner conversation we got into a discussion on sea salt and whether or not it really is better than regular table salt.  Since sea salt is all I have in the house it made me wonder.  I had converted over to sea salt in the summer when my Naturopath had me do an elimination diet and although I had assumed it was better for me because why else would she recommend it, I didn’t know exactly why.

So what started as a family discussion turned into a research project for me.  I found many references on the web, many of which said that there is no difference, that salt is salt.  However after further digging I also did find articles to the contrary.

Sea salt contains larger crystals so therefore it is believed that people use less to get the same desired taste.  Sea salt is also unrefined whereas regular table salt has all the other minerals stripped away resulting in almost pure sodium chloride. Sea salt therefore contains less sodium overall in addition to containing magnesium, calcium, potassium, bromide etc that is not found in regular table salt.

Table salt often also has anti-caking/clumping agents added to it along with iodine.  Sea Salt naturally contains iodine, just less of it. I have also read that some sea salts have added iodine so be sure to check the labels.

When asked for her opinion on sea salt, Dr. Marita Schauch, BSc, ND said: “I prefer sea salt over table salt because sea salt is usually unrefined and contains an abundance of naturally occurring trace minerals.  Conventional salt production usually uses chemicals, additives and heat processing.”

Although I believe that either forms of salt should be used sparingly I am now convinced that sea salt is better. I like getting mine in a grinder because I do find that the salt comes out coarser and feel that I use less that way.

Since Sea Salt has increased its popularity it is available not only in health food stores but also in most grocery stores.

 Happy Friday Everyone!


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