The Joys of Juicing

A dear friend of mine recently gave me a wonderful gift – a juicer.  Instead of letting it collect dust alongside many of my other kitchen gadgets, I decided to get on the juicing bandwagon. For the last 3 weeks I have been juicing every morning.  I have already seen a difference in my skin and feel mentally clearer somehow.  I am excited to see what other benefits will come in time.

I started juicing primarily because I saw it as a way to get in more nutrients.  Let’s face it, how many of us eat enough fruits and veggies everyday?  I decided to concentrate my juicing on veggies as I seem to find it easier to eat fruit throughout the day but my greens were lacking. To my surprise it was easy to fit juicing into my morning routine.  I also found that by adding an apple to more potent green combinations, it actually made the drink more palatable. The more I experiment, the more I like it because the combinations are endless and you can switch it up everyday to keep it interesting.

 Health benefits of Juicing:

  • Rapid absorption of nutrients since your body doesn’t have to work to break it down
  • You are able to consume more by juicing (I look at the heap of veggies that I juice every morning and marvel at all the goodness I am getting in just in my morning juice!)
  • Juicing utilizes the whole food, peel, seeds and all which contain powerful nutrients that you wouldn’t get otherwise
  • Powerful enzymes are contained in raw food – these enzymes are lost through cooking (heat)
  • Antioxidants and immune enhancing nutrients are concentrated in the juice which helps combat free radicals, boost your immune system and slow the onset of age related disease
  • Juicing helps with inflammation, digestion, disease protection, immunity, healing, weight loss, depression and more!

It is important to purchase a quality juicer that creates the least amount of heat in the process since heat damages the live enzymes.  It is also important that the juicer doesn’t create a lot of foam.  Foam equals oxidation of the juice which lowers the antioxidant benefits.

 Juicing Tips

  • Buy Organic – whenever possible buy organic.  I’d like my juice free of pesticides please…..
  • Sip it slowly – to help your body digest it is important for the juice to mix with your saliva so instead of guzzling the juice sip it like your would your morning tea or coffee
  • Don’t Delay – Juices are best when consumed fresh – within 15 minutes is preferable
  • Go Green or Go Home – Experiment with different green veggies and add in an apple, a few carrots or a cucumber if you find the combination too strong
  • Taste the Rainbow – Make it a habit to try an array of colorful veggies and change up your combinations regularly to get maximum health benefits
  • Purchase a quality juicer – durable, easy to clean, quiet and one that juices with the least amount of heat (friction)

There are many juicing recipes on the internet or you can experiment on your own.

 Try juicing today and taste the rainbow!


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