TORONTO – On Thursday, November 8th, 2012 at 10 am (Eastern Time)  The Rocco Galati Law Firm, (Suite 203, 637 College Street, Toronto, Canada) will hold a MEDIA NEWS CONFERENCE regarding a Class Action Lawsuit that was recently filed, on the behalf of their clients, against Health Canada.

Mr. Galati (lawyer), Nick Mancuso(Actor/Consumer Advocate), Marilyn Nelson (Natural Health Freedom Canada), and David Roland (Natural Health Freedom Advocate), will field questions from the media regarding this Class Action lawsuit.

The Class Action Lawsuit maintains that:

1) Dietary supplements and vitamins (?natural health products?) are safe. In the entire 50+ history of the health food industry in Canada, these innocuous products have caused zero fatalities.

2) Consumers are sufficiently protected from possible harm and fraud with respect to these products by the Food and Drugs Act, the Competition Act, Canadian Advertising Standards, and the Criminal Code. The Natural Health Product Regulations are unnecessary in that they do not provide any additional protection to consumers.

3) The Natural Health Product Regulations and the NPN Licensing Scheme are ultra vires (unlawful) in that they contravene the Constitution Act, 1867. Health Canada does NOT have any legal authority to regulate health products, as such.

4) Health Canada has the right to restrict only those products that have been proven to have caused death or serious injury.  In the absence of proven harm, dietary supplements and vitamins must be presumed to be safe (i.e., innocent until proven guilty).  Health Canada has unlawfully reversed this onus, however, by insisting that suppliers prove their products ?not unsafe? before being granted permission to sell them.

5) The oppressive and unlawful NHP Regulations have restricted many thousands of safe and effective products from the market, thus depriving consumers of their freedom to choose valuable health options (in apparent violation of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms).

In the Statement of Claim filed in the Federal Court of Canada, the Lawsuit claims that many of the current policies, regulations and actions undertaken or initiated by Health Canada, against Canadian natural health product manufacturers, retailers or their suppliers, are unconstitutional and contravene The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and The Canadian Constitution.

For more information contact:

Marilyn Nelson: (905) 509-5885
David Rowland:  (519) 341-4684

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