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There is a reason I started this blog, and that is to educate you using a simple approach about an industry that holds so much mystery to the common consumer. Having said that, I’ve worked a long time in health food stores, and during that time I have seen a steady decline of customers coming through the doors of health food stores.

Why did we lose customers?

Customers now shop online or in BIG BOX stores as a means to purchase their supplements.
I do enjoy the fact that having more competition means that natural supplements has picked up popularity giving more people a chance to use supplements that were once pretty much only found on the shelves of tiny health food stores.  But I think it comes at a price.

My view!

What I don’t like is with more competition, people possibly are buying the wrong supplements and not getting the results they are seeking.  When someone seeks relief from an ailment they often pick out the wrong supplement due to not getting proper guidance from people with years of supplement experience.  They often give up on our industry and this may lead them into the pharmacies to pick up a quick fix prescription that often only mask the symptoms and don’t get to the root of the problem, as natural supplements often do.

Please shop at the stores that made this industry what it is!

When you shop at a reliable health food store you get the opportunity to interact with people who specialize in natural supplements.  As a consultant and advisor I see and hear first hand the confusion many people have walking in the doors of our small health food stores.  The myths and confusion about supplements can be set straight when dealing with experts on the floor of health food stores. Buying supplements online or picking something up at a BIG BOX store does not give you the same opportunity.

Benefits of health food stores.

When you shop at a health food store you get better quality brands, experience and a better chance to get all your questions answered without having to do all the research yourself.  In a health food store we are also up on the latest trends and can let you know whether articles or what you seen on television is legit or more on the side of being bogus!

With all this said, sure you can pick up things cheaper every now and then online or buy cheaper brands on the shelf of those pharmacy sections of BIG chain stores found across Canada and the U.S but are you really saving if your getting the wrong supplements for your health?

Stay healthy and stay motivated – From Shane’s Pill Talk
Shane Chartrand

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