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If you have ever played chess, you will know that in order to win you must anticipate your adversary’s next moves. The more moves you can anticipate and the more patterns you can recognize, the more success you are likely … Continue reading

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Premenstrual syndrome is a real condition with real signs and symptoms just like any other health issue. When women are unhappy and suffering, their loved ones suffer too. Seventy to 90 percent of women with premenstrual syndrome experience anxiety, irritability, mood swings and tension due to hormonal shifts before their period. PMS need not be your cue to avoid the women you care about, but an opportunity for strengthening the bonds of communication and support. Continue reading

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Mood and food are intimately related as certain flavours and aromas trigger memories of special occasions and feelings of contentment. All emotions including stress and anxiety trigger chemical responses in our body as hormone levels fluctuate and the sympathetic “fight or flight” system kicks in. With each meal, we have the opportunity to counteract or subdue the stress response with the foods we choose. Continue reading

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In today’s fast paced society most people are under a siege of constant stressors ranging from long work hours to long commutes, buzzing cell phones and sleep deprivation. While the initial “fight or flight” stress response is key to survival, prolonged chronic stress increases risk of various physical and psychological health conditions. Continue reading

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GABA may stand for gamma-aminobutyric acid but your brain recognizes it as calm. That’s because it’s one of the brain’s primary neurotransmitters responsible for controlling fear or anxiety in overexcited neurons. Continue reading

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Stress can be physical, emotional, psychological or environmental and – it is a fact of life. In fact, any major life event, be it positive (e.g. the birth of a child), or negative (e.g. getting laid off), is a source of stress simply because it comes with many changes. Continue reading

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