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Stress and the Disease Connection: A Complete Guide
Stress and the Disease Connection: A Complete Guide

By: Dr. Karen Jensen ND and Marita Schauch BSc ND

In recent decades, we have all heard how stress affects us.  But most people make the connection to their peace of mind, or may go so far as to feel that stress is "bad" for their heart health or perhaps mental health.  What most of us don't know, until making the Stress and the Disease Connection, is that stress is primarily governed by our adrenal glands, and if they aren't functioning optimally, every bodily system will suffer the adverse effects.  Join stress experts Dr. Karen Jensen ND and Dr. Marita Schauch ND as they outline all the environmental, societal, and systemic ways out bodies deal with stress every day, and learn how to combat stress naturally, for a better, healtier, and more disease-free you.  

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